Project Updates: January/February Roundup

2022 is off to strong start for Cannon Building, and our project teams have been busy over the last two months! Here are a few highlights from some jobs that we have recently completed or launched—making a difference in both Irvine and San Diego.

B|Braun Medical Inc.

Cannon Building is nearing completion on a complex project for B. Braun Medical Inc., (US) in Irvine, California. Once operational, the New Weigh Mixing Complex will allow B. Braun to produce their lifesaving products in higher quantities and at even higher levels of safety and compliance.

The project consists of several complex systems, including:

  • Five 60,000-liter mixing tanks from Feldmeier Equipment, Inc.
  • 1,000+ feet of high purity piping and 300+ valves
  • 1,200 square feet of galvanized mezzanine decking, supported by galvanized structural steel
  • Expansion of an existing clean room to support future operations
  • Installation of a CIP Skid from IPEC, Inc.
  • Installation of two bulk bag dispensing units from Rheo Engineering
  • Installation of multiple power supply panels and control panels from Rockwell Automation

Cannon Building worked closely with the process design engineers at CE&IC throughout the project and looks forward to delivering another quality cGMP manufacturing system to our valued client!

Scripps Mercy Hospital

Cannon Building also recently launched a new Cardiac Catheterization Lab Project for Scripps Mercy Hospital in San Diego. Kickoff was in early February and solid progress is already underway! 

The project involves replacing the existing diagnostic equipment with a state-of-the-art Philips imaging system. Since the hospital is situated in a critical operating environment between two additional Cath Labs, one of the challenges will be maintaining consistent infection control and air balance throughout the construction process. During the project, the construction team will provide temporary air distribution connections to the existing air handler serving two Cath Labs, while testing and starting-up the brand-new air handler, which we will concurrently install on the roof of this OSHPD 1 facility.

Stay tuned as we work to deliver this critical lab project that will serve many future Scripps Mercy Hospital patients.

Scripps Mercy: Chula Vista

On the Scripps Mercy Chula Vista front, the emergency department security remodel and access improvements continue, helping to raise the operational security of that emergency area for all patients and staff.

Cannon Building’s construction team is working toward an August 2022 completion date.

Recent Project Award

Lastly, Cannon Building has been awarded the Genentech/Roche Oceanside B300 K6 Chiller Project. The project has the ultimate environmental goal of replacing five existing chillers with four K6 environmentally compliant refrigerant units.