2023 Safety Award Winners

Congratulations to superintendents Brandon Kozlowski and Dennis Giron on being awarded 2022 Safety Awards for Placentia and San Diego! It’s a well-deserved recognition for their exceptional leadership in ensuring safety in the workplace. Cannon Building extends a big congrats to these two outstanding leaders and committed managers.  

As the head of the Cannon Building team at Genentech, Brandon has consistently demonstrated an unwavering commitment to safety by implementing effective safety measures, training his team members and subcontractors, and ensuring that safety is at the forefront of all projects, big or small. One of the hallmarks of Brandon’s leadership is his emphasis on safety in every aspect of the job. His team’s performance reflects his efforts, as evidenced by the outstanding safety record at each of the San Diego job sites. His attention to detail has kept his team members and subcontractors safe and also created a culture of safety that is highly valued by one of our clients, Genentech. His mentorship and training have set a high bar for others to follow. 

Our second 2022 Safety Award winner, Dennis, hails from the Placentia office. He has demonstrated an exceptional commitment to safety and gone above and beyond the expectations of requirements and procedures. Dennis has stressed the importance of following safety procedures and complying with PPE to everyone daily from on-site workers to documentation. He has also implemented measures to ensure that any subcontractors who disregard safety requirements are held accountable. His hard work and dedication to safety have truly paid off. 

He has professionally worked through many challenges and managed project requirements, with a get-it-done attitude. 

Congratulations again to Brandon and Dennis on these awards. Thank you for your hard work and commitment to safety!