Foundations and Development

With the new year off to a strong start, Cannon Building is taking stock of some accomplishments and milestones from last year and focusing on our goals for 2023. Our continued progress and roadmap forward are only made possible through the dedication and efforts of our team.  

2022 Reload 

One stand-out project that kicked off in 2022 was the Genentech K6 Chiller Replacement Project, which is led by a team out of Cannon Building’s San Diego office. 

“After nearly eight years in this market, we have developed some good traction with many key clients,” says Tim Cannon, president of Cannon Building. “Our San Diego crew has proven to be a huge asset!” 

The Genentech K6 Chiller Replacement project includes the replacement of all chillers and an upgrade of all chiller systems within the central utility plant at Genentech’s campus in Oceanside, California. A key component of this project is sequencing the work so that the manufacturing campus can remain in production as the work takes place. When complete, the project will bring the campus in line with the requirements of Genentech’s K6 initiative to “Build a Sustainable Future” while simultaneously increasing the campus’s chilled water production capacity to support the addition of a new manufacturing building that Genentech recently broke ground on at the site. 

Looking across several projects, there were definitely “lessons learned” from 2022. The supply chain continued to be a challenge—especially for air handlers, chillers, and emergency generators. This meant strengthening relationships with distributors and subcontractors to ensure project elements remained accessible priorities. These relationships will continue to fortify the work we do well into the future. 

2023 Forecast 

Moving forward with nearly one quarter of business complete, the team is watching key market trends for growth opportunities. One top cost-saving trend in healthcare is shifting non-critical hospital functions into non-OSHPD. 

From a company structural perspective, Cannon Building will continue to improve and expand our Preconstruction Services Group, offering services for many clients and A&E partners, helping them plan projects from inception to final delivery. 

The life science industry has experienced remarkable growth over the last decade, particularly over the last three years. With this expansion came a natural diversification beyond pharmaceuticals and medical devices into biotech, which includes biofuels, cosmetics, and food science. 

One current example of an inception-to-delivery project within the food science space is our work with a manufacturer in Rancho Cucamonga. Cannon Building’s design-build team (M.D. Stainless, Genesis AEC, and Structural Engineering Center) is now in the preliminary design phase. They are working on high-purity process systems programming, equipment sourcing, and constructability for a 60,000 square foot production facility. Stay tuned for progress on this project and many others as 2023 unfolds.  

As we continue to grow, some timeless principles of Cannon Building serve as pillars to ensure success: 

  • Treat all parties with respect.  
  • Create an environment where people can succeed and be profitable.  
  • Keep the technical education bar high for our employees.  

With an eye on trends and a diverse portfolio across growing markets, we will continue to build great things with our partners!