What Our Team Loves About Cannon Building

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we tracked down some of Cannon Building’s busiest team members to find out what keeps their hearts beating for Cannon Building. With answers ranging from Cannon Building’s exceptional commitment to safety to the collaborative culture, it was interesting to see what our team loves most about their work. By far the most resounding response was that our employees love the people they work with – a testament to the caliber of talent at Cannon Building. We chose some of our favorite responses to share.

“I love that here, at Cannon Building, everyone’s contribution to the team is appreciated at every level.”

—Mark Duckworth, Superintendent

“The most valuable asset of a company is its people, and I love Cannon Building because the company truly appreciates and values each and every employee.”

—Atef Moussa, Chief Financial Officer

 “I love the high standards and core values that Cannon Building exhibits in all aspects of doing business. The company is authentic and reflective of what is great about America.”

—Dori Paliobagis, OC & LA Business Development

“Cannon Building is a place where new ideas are appreciated. I love that our focus on innovation allows us to maintain our high commitment to safety and excellence.”

                                                                                    —Nolan Cannon, Project Manager

“I love Cannon Building because no two days are ever the same. There is always a new challenge and new opportunity, and I love the freedom to make decisions as well as the support and confidence I receive every single day from the President, Tim J. Cannon, all the way down.”

                                                            —Mike Mullerleile, Marketing Office Administrator

“Cannon Building’s outstanding work in life science, healthcare, commercial/industrial, and institutional construction helps institutions function at their top potential.  I love the role that Cannon Building plays in helping our clients change patients, students, and consumers lives for the better.”                                                                                                                              —Kevin Zhu, Project Manager

The responses were a great reminder about why our team loves working at Cannon Building and why we love our team members. Happy Valentine’s Day!