Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering

University of Southern California



Professional Certifications


  • ISPE LA – Past President
  • Vistage member (15 years)
  • Licenses: California “A”, “B”, C-10, and Arizona “B”

Tim J. Cannon


Describe the last 10-15 years of your career in a snapshot.

The last 27 years have flown by! I have been privileged to work with some very intelligent, motivated people who have been passionate about technical construction. It has been a great journey, building this company. I have made a lot of friends, and we have improved a lot of people’s lives along the way.


Favorite building, structure, or architectural piece, and why? 

We were fortunate to be asked to participate in the historic renovation of the original worship structure (the Arboretum) that Reverend Robert Schuller had constructed (circa late 1950’s) on his site of the Crystal Cathedral in Orange, California. It was an original Richard Nuetra design that we worked with LPA Architects and Jim Wirick, AIA, to retrofit.

What recent innovation in any industry fascinates you, and why? 

One that really sticks with me is the magic of true partnerships to execute a project. There are many New Age ways to describe that partnering relationship, but I think what it’s really all about is working together with well-qualified entities to deliver a project in its best form, as quickly, efficiently, and perfectly as possible. It is a great experience with a good outcome.


What is your favorite travel destination, and why?

Certainly one that includes water. One that comes to mind is Essex, Connecticut. It is a historic maritime town that sits on the Connecticut River, which leads out to the Sound. It is a great mix of classic boating and history.


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