Master of Interior Architecture

California Polytechnic Pomona/University of California, Los Angeles


Professional Certifications


  • Construction management certificate from UCLA Extension
  • Plans for LEED certification by the end of 2021
  • OSHA 10

Sara Sayahpour

Project Engineer

Describe the last 10-15 years of your career in a snapshot.
  • Several years in the architecture side of the construction business, mainly on commercial and life science projects
  • Last 3-4 years, work on TI jobs, with a focus on commercial and life science projects


Favorite building, structure, or architectural piece, and why? 

One of my favorite architectural pieces in the world is the “Dancing House” in Prague, designed by Vlado Milunic, a Croatian-Czech architect. The deconstructive shape of the building that harmonizes with the surrounding buildings is what makes it unique.

What do you like best about what you do at Cannon Building?

Cannon Building’s work ethic, teamwork, and focus on providing the best quality of work to its clients is what stands out to me. The team makes me feel valued in the work I do and in my role as a project engineer. 


What are a few of your passions or hobbies?

Horseback riding, snowboarding, salsa dancing, hiking, and camping.


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