Safety First at Cannon Building

As part of its Safety First program, Cannon Building has awarded its annual safety award to Jessie Diaz, a foreman with the company.

In presenting the award, Tim J. Cannon, President, praised Jessie, this year’s recipient, for proving to be passionate and always wanting to do the right thing when it comes to safety. Jessie has a willingness to step up and challenge others the improve on-site safety. This motivates the whole company to keep its safety standards high at all times,” said Tim.

Diaz shared a program he recently instituted where he contacts all project managers and supervisors at the beginning of every month to assure that company fire extinguishers are inspected and tested to assure they are working properly. He says that the award, “Motivates me to continue improving on Cannon Building’s Safety First Program for the years to come.”

Tim added, “We were only able to recognize one person. In addition I would like to recognize the efforts of the whole company in continuing to keep the bar high for us on safety. We have been able to make good strides in creating and maintaining a culture of safety at Cannon Building.”