Bachelor of Science, Construction Management

California State University, Long Beach


Professional Certifications


  • International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers

Mike Lambrose

Project Management/Business Development

Describe the last 10-15 years of your career in a snapshot.
  • 15 years of construction management work with a variety of projects (base building work, theme parks, hospitality, and civil infrastructure) 
  • 7 years at Cannon Building, focus in life sciences and healthcare markets, with higher level design and more sophisticated technical systems.
  • Within the last few years, more leadership roles in preconstruction project management and business development.


What do you like best about what you do at Cannon Building?

I like the empowerment that comes with leadership’s willingness to let you solve problems and work with your team to get things done. It doesn’t feel like a “job”! 


What does “customer experience” mean to you, and how do you deliver on it with your work?

To me, customer experience means: “Did I serve the customer’s needs, was I a part of the solution to their problems, did I do what I said I’d do? Did I act with integrity and hold the customer accountable as well? Will they hire us again?” I think along those lines all the time.


Mantra or saying that you live by?

Life is short. Work hard at everything you do. Take time to enjoy life.

What are a few of your passions or hobbies? 

Golf, more golf, and then watching golf. I like to travel to nice places with my family as well.

What is your favorite travel destination, and why?

Hawaiian Islands. It’s beautiful and relaxing, my family likes it, and there are several really good golf courses.


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