Edwards Crane Pick – April 19, 2018

One of the 24 Energy Lab rooftop air handling units being lifted onto the roof. Bragg Crane used a 275-ton hydro crane to execute the job.

Last month, Cannon Building completed our largest crane pick to date. 5 Energy Lab rooftop air handling units requiring 24 total picks were lifted onto the roof next to McGaw Avenue where we are in the process of converting office space into new laboratory cleanrooms for the Edwards THV product line.

The day started off with a few adjustments. Morning rains required building ingresses to be covered and the trucks with the first units in the set were delayed by border officials, therefore several work arounds had to be made to prevent further delays. The Cannon Building team was prepared for each accommodation.

The crane and steel rollers were utilized to maneuver some of the units inside a rooftop equipment room. Safety Consultant, Dave Macias, oversees their work.

Before the crane pick could begin, there were some safety precautions that needed to be addressed. Southern California Edison de-energized the overhead power lines by severing and clamping the lines to ensure that no energy was present. SCE was able to route the power around the lines without affecting power for other businesses in the area. The wires were then re-energized after the crane was clear.

Field Operations Manager, Mark Duckworth, and Safety Consultant, Dave Macias, overseeing the crane operations from the roof above.

The Cannon Building team lowered air compressor skids from the roof and lifted five air handler units, each ranging between 4,000 and 22,000 lb. After 16 long hours, all the units were lifted and positioned on the roof. Coordinating this day has been months in the making. It was a challenging endeavor that included delivering heavy equipment into a seemingly inaccessible area. According to Dave Macias, no incidents took place before, during, or after operations, thanks to the hours of planning and teamwork from Edwards, Cannon Building, Pacific Rim Mechanical, and Bragg Crane.

Pacific Rim Mechanical workers use straps to gently guide each container into its final resting place. Each unit is lowered onto custom built curb supports with only a quarter inch of leeway on either side.

Pacific Rim Mechanical worked diligently to procure, prepare and deliver the units. Most of the team was on site maneuvering the units during the crane pick. Mike Lambrose, project manager at the Edwards job site, states the crane pick was a “big milestone [that] allows us to move forward with completing the roof work and getting air into the building.” The project is expected to be completed sometime in August. Hats off to all involved!