Utilizing Cannon Building to Design and Build your project means you have the advantage of countless years of combined experience and a single point of accountability resulting in great value and savings.

The Cannon Building design/build process is an integrated delivery approach that allows your team and ours great flexibility which creates a work environment that results in innovation and ingenuity. Our construction professionals add value to the design process by providing input on constructability, budgeting, cost control and logistics.



Design/Build allows you to select systems that best suit your needs and meet your project budget. With a Cannon Building design-build project, the designers and the builders are under one roof, and obstacles that often delay a project are completely avoided or managed appropriately, resulting in a timely delivery.



In Design/Build, the first phases of the design and pre-construction process occur concurrently from concept to permits. The Cannon Building team has comprehensive design and construction knowledge of the project, understanding all objectives, technical specifications, and key matters—resulting in the design being executed flawlessly. By running both processes with Cannon Building, you ensure that what you’re designing is what you build.